E241 Leaving America with Amelia and JP

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This pivot goes south – to Ecuador

Amelia and JP

Pivots come in all sizes. This one is big.

Before their pivot, Amelia (52) and JP (49), lived a fast-paced life in Denver, Colorado. Working more than they may have wanted to, financial pressures kept them on the hamster wheel. In 2015, JP received a life-threatening diagnosis requiring two spinal surgeries which would leave him unable to work for more than a year while he recovered. Amelia took a less demanding part-time job to care for him. The bills piled up.

You will hear in this episode how those circumstances forced them to find a new country to call home.

Bottom line: The American health care system forced their choice to leave America.

They considered Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, finally settling on Ecuador.

Yet, another pivot

This second pivot was in their careers. Amelia continues to work for the same American company as she did while caring for JP in Denver. But now, her second job is assisting JP with their hugely popular YouTube channel which teaches Americans everything they have learned about becoming immigrants in Ecuador.

Recently, they launched a new website liveabroadnow.com, which compiles a huge resource library of information for people like me – and maybe you – who are considering such a move.

Of course I am drawn to their message of unconventional living! They refer to their followers as “Unconventionals”. Sign me up!

My husband and I have been considering this pivot ourselves for the past few years. Not necessarily Ecuador, but now Amelia and JP have us leaning in that direction.

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More on Amelia and JP in Ecuador:

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