E240 Virtual Book Club with Joan Lunden

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experience 50 book club with joan lunden

Joan Lunden, 70, joins me and my awesome Patreon members for Winter 2021 Book Club.

The Book Club met via Zoom on February 17th to discuss Joan’s 10th book, Why Did I Come Into This Room, A Candid Conversation on Aging agreeing on the list of questions we wanted to ask Joan when we met with her on February 19th.

In this episode, you will hear listeners of Experience 50 asking Joan Lunden their questions. Special Thanks to Kendra, Jane, Charlotte, Ginger, Sharon, Susie, and DeLayne for making Book Club so special. If you would like to join in, become my friend on Patreon!

Our conversation includes questions about:

  • working with her daughter Lindsay, who runs Joan Lunden Productions
  • managing fear while fighting breast cancer
  • having two sets of twins in her 50s
  • advice on caring for parents with dementia and how to prevent our own as we age
  • how to encourage other women to become more physically active
  • how COVID has impacted our age group
  • and much, much more



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