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The Experience 50 Podcast for Midlife features a wide variety of guests. From topic experts to ordinary people with extraordinary stories or unique perspectives on the midlife experience, I love introducing my listeners to fascinating people.

My perfect guest tells the story of a transformative experience that changed the trajectory of their life. I want to know what your life looked like before and after the midlife moment that GOT YOUR ATTENTION. Maybe it was a job loss, a health scare, the death of a loved one, your kids grew up, you won the lottery or lost everything.

I encourage regular people, age 45 to 59 to come on the podcast to share their story that tells of an experience that is either genuinely funny, shares a life lesson or offers knowledge that you wish you’d had at the time.

Topic experts on matters of interest to midlifers also make terrific guests, but I do not feature guests selling commercial products or services.

To advertise on the podcast or become a sponsor: https://www.experience50.com/work-with-mary/

Before submitting an inquiry, you should be familiar with the podcast.

If that sounds like a good time,  submit a Podcast Guest Inquiry

I will reply as soon as possible. If it feels like a good fit, I will invite you to visit my self-serve online booking page which includes my studio calendar and allows you to book a time that is convenient for you and to upload your headshot, bio, links, etc… You will also have the means to book a pre-interview phone chat with me if you choose.

Unless you live in or are visiting Traverse City, Michigan, your interview will be recorded over Zoom.us. This is a video call.  I suggest you purchase this affordable microphone and these earbuds without a microphone. Another option is this high-quality combination earbud/microphone.

Note to coaches:

I am inundated with guest inquiries from life/midlife coaches selling their services and online programs. I must warn you that I rarely if ever feature a midlife coach on my show. Coaches with expertise in finance, fitness, college funding, career, grief, etc… are very welcome.

Your pitch must be to discuss a very specific topic on which you have unique content to share.

This will not be an opportunity for you to promote your business. This is an opportunity for you to help/entertain/inform my audience. 

Note to authors:

For consideration, in addition to submitting your guest inquiry, please send two physical copies, preferably signed, of your book to:

Mary Rogers Productions, 1201 Anderson Road, Traverse City, MI 49686

Both books will be given as gifts to select podcast listeners.

If you are still interested, and I DO hope you are:

Podcast Guest Inquiry Form