E242 Ask Me Anything | Meditation

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This week’s episode was set aside for me to answer listeners’ questions. Unfortunately, I was very fortunate to receive my COVID vaccine the day before recording and I clearly underestimated the wallop that one little shot would have on my productivity. A nasty headache and desire to become one with my mattress won the day.

Not wanting to disappoint, I gathered the questions and chose just one for this episode. Dozens of listeners has sent me variations of questions asking about my meditation practice. So, that is the focus of today’s episode.

I even went out of my own comfort zone to record a guided Loving Kindness Meditation which makes up the last 20 minutes. I do hope you find it to inspire you to dip your toe into a practice of your own.

In the episode, I do offer some recommendations:

Dan Harris’ Ten Percent Happier. Dan has written a book, produces a terrific interview-format podcast and the Ten Percent Happier App.

Sam Harris‘ (no relation to Dan), book Waking Up is my “most gifted to others” book. He also produces his Waking Up app (my #1 recommended meditation app) and has a podcast named Making Sense.


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