E169 Mystery Index Cards

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What can you expect?

This episode is an odd assortment of big ideas on small index cards. They drive the conversation in this solo episode.Experience 50 episode 169

I explain what happened to the interview that was scheduled for this week and WHY you are not hearing it today. Instead, you are treated to a variety of what’s knocking around in my brain-holder as I get ready to hit the road to drop the daughter at college. I am definitely NOT winning any Mother Of The Year award today. Sigh.

I share with you what happened the last time I skipped a weekly episode. Also, yes, that I have learned my lesson and promise that I will be a better person about this in the future.


Visit https://www.patreon.com/maryrogers for the full video of this episode. Yeah, what was I thinking when I decided to do THAT for the first time as I’m scrambling to leave town. Pfft.

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