Ageism in Hiring

Fighting Ageism in the Hiring Process

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Fight Ageism in Hiring

Is this ageism?

Have you asked yourself, “What’s going on here?”

Let me guess. You have the professional skills, experience, references, and the temperament for a job you’ve applied for and you can’t even get an interview. If by some miracle you do get the interview, you can sense the minute you introduce yourself that the body language in the room reads WASTE OF OUR TIME.

So, what is going on here? Chances are if you remember watching The Brady Bunch and dropping rolls of film off at the drug store, you have been ruled out before you even had a chance to strut your stuff. It’s unfair, illegal, and devasting. But it happens every hour of every day in every imaginable workplace.

I had no idea how widespread this problem was until I started hearing tales from my Experience 50 listeners. Then, I interviewed Peggy McKee of Career Confidential back in 2016. After my followers heard the interview, my inbox exploded with stories from listeners whose frustration and anger scorched my screen.

For the last 3 years, I have been referring listeners and friends to this webinar that Peggy runs called 5 Tips To Beat Ageism. She has set me up as an affiliate so that I do make a small commission should my peeps decide to work with her beyond just the free webinar.

Is it worth your time?

I registered and attended this webinar just so I knew what my friends were going to get out of it. I wanted to know if it was truly a valuable use of your time. I refreshed myself by attending again, just last week.

Hell, yes. It is worth your time. What an eye-opener to learn what employers really think of people over 50. To hear what they assume about a person over 50 just blew me away.

She also shares what we do quite inadvertently that feed some of these misconceptions.

The good news is that Peggy shares her insider knowledge and will teach you how to combat it in such a way that you won’t come across as combative. You will learn savvy strategies- not combat techniques- that will help you get past the gatekeepers and get hired.


Please email me and tell me about your experience with Peggy and Career Confidential. I feel completely confident in promoting her services as a recruiter, job coach, resume fixer, and trainer. I have heard nothing but “Thanks Mary” from my listeners, so check it out!

Good luck out there!


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