E170 I Was In Love With A Short Man Once w/Kim Dalfrese and Amanda Newcomb

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In this episode I get comfy with humorist & author Kim Dalfrese and voice artist Amanda Newcomb the narrator of Kim’s recently released audiobook version of I Was in Love With a Short Man Once: And other tales of a Crazy Southern Irish Girl.

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The book is a collection of humorous essays written by Kim reflecting on growing up in Florida, college days, getting married, having her son, getting divorced, single-parenthood, tangling with TSA, the empty nest and now being her awesome 55-year-old self.

Other than the Florida beginnings, I think most of us could write volumes on these universally shared experiences but not with the same storytelling talent that Kim has crafted through years of writing humor essays appearing in major publications including her own blog The Middle-Aged Cheap Seats.

Wouldn’t it be strange to have your memoir read-aloud for the audiobook version by somebody else? They would be speaking in the first person, telling YOUR story. During our interview, I had to keep reminding myself that these stories were KIM’S, not Amanda’s!

You will hear how they connected and the fun times during the production of the audio. The episode ends with a blooper real of poor Amanda having a giggle fit. I just love that woman’s voice! You can check out all of the Audible books narrated by Amanda here.

We go deep on mean girls from junior high

Amanda, Kim, and I all have mean girl stories that go way, way, way back to when we were just kids. Kim’s tale of “Agnes” who called her out for being poor just got the ball rolling for each of us to dive in. I’m sure that each listener is going to be wrenched right back to the abyss of junior high.


Do you have a named alter-ego? This is a great conversation within our interview. Kim wrote about her alter ego “Jezebel” in her book. Mine is straight-talking “Maevis” and Amanda’s “Amander” once got in a bar fight. Beat that!

This is a super fun episode and I just know you will enjoy it!


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