E096 Ashes To Urns with Marcy Lindberg, Stardust Memorials

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Marcy Lindberg Stardust Memorials

Worry not, this IS a fun episode with lots of laughs. Yes, we are talking about death and cremations and vessels, but we still have a good time. My guest: Marcy Lindberg, co-owner of Stardust Memorials, an online store selling cremation urns and every imaginable accessory.

Our conversation includes:

  • The reasons behind the surge in cremation vs. burial
  • The growing variety of vessels for ashes, including jewelry, candleholders, sprinkling bags, tree planters, etc…
  • Handling ashes
  • Answers to common questions
  • Trends, including co-mingling of ashes with those of a loved one or pet(s)
  • A separate conversation with midlifers about pre-planning- or lack thereof

The funeral industry is changing, no doubt. Marcy and her husband Jordan were looking for an internet business opportunity and found it in the cremation urn category. They offer lower prices, the highest quality products, and superior customer service.

Stardust Memorials products are available on Amazon under the brand Silverlight Urns.
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