E095 Parenting For An Empty Nest with Robyn Marcotte

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For parents looking forward to an empty nest, this conversation with Robyn Marcotte, 50, shares many tips, advice and her perspective on how to successfully prepare your kids for their transition to becoming independent and capable adults.

Robyn is a working mother of two kids in college, wife and an entrepreneur. She is not a parenting expert by trade, but I wanted to share our conversation with you on the topic of how to raise kids and prepare yourself for their launch.

I love her principles and practices on parenting. She has been quite deliberate in nurturing both her son and daughter toward leaving the nest, preparing them for navigating their own dreams. She claims the title of “Mean Mom” with pride, knowing that she has done her job to be a good parent, not a friend.


Robyn is a big believer in the Love and Logic parenting classes, publications.

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