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Reinvention. Meet Judy Freedman, the woman behind the award-winning blog, A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50. Blogging as Judi Boomergirl, she has documented the events and experiences of her life over the last decade spanning her 49th to 59th birthdays.

Along the way, Judy became a widow, launched two children from her nest, took early retirement from her corporate job at Campbell’s, sold her home, invested in a condo at the Jersey shore, went back to school, became a yoga instructor and continued her blog. Her adoring readers have been along for the ride through each and every step of her journey.

Now 59, Judy reflects on the decade of her reinvention: body, mind, and spirit.

Our conversation includes:

  • grieving a loss
  • the role of gratitude
  • her strong belief in working with a coach
  • downsizing and living simply
  • making new friends
  • learning to be selfish
  • taking the time to reflect
  • mindfulness
  • finding meaning in your life
  • choosing what you want and need

Judy credits her yoga practice and blogging for her successful transition to a new and calmer Judy. For those grieving a loss, she highly recommends:


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Judy Freedman is a blogger, social media influencer, and communications consultant. She writes an award-winning blog, A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life Ater 50 and contributes to The Huffington Post, HealthyWomen.org, Midlife BouBoomers Life Bloglevard, BlogHer and other on-line publications. Her blog was an official honoree in the 2013 Webby Awards, and in 2012 was named by The Huffington Post as one of its “7 Favorite Blogs for Women Post 50.”

Four years ago, Judy retired from a 30-year corporate communications career at Campbell Soup Company to pursue her passions during her life after 50. Widowed at the age of 49, Judy is learning to reinvent herself in mind, body, and spirit. Now 10 years after starting her blog, she is filled with gratitude for all that she had in her 24-year marriage and all that she has now and can do each and every day.

In her personal life, Judy enjoys spending time with her two adult children, a son, and a daughter, often visiting them in New York City, her former hometown. She has many hobbies including traveling, bicycling, and can be found most days practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga. She loves yoga so much that she recently completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to become a yoga instructor.



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