I Woke Up In My Fifties featuring Queen Michele

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Queen is BACK! The last time she was featured on the podcast (January 2019), she inspired us with her story of moving to Mexico and building a new life. Now, our adventurous retired Detroit public school teacher has written a second book under her Considerations of the Soul brand: Traveling Home Together.

Traveling where?

No, she is NOT traveling back to the United States. Her newest book takes the reader through a sweet metaphorical journey of walking -or traveling- home from school, as we did each day when we were kids. She weaves life lessons and her awakened sense of consciousness into this collection of personal essays of life lessons.

Queen shares her new beliefs on her relationship with the universe. You may find her New Earth teaching to be a bit too “Woo-Woo”, but I urge you to listen with an open mind. As Queen herself says, she is only presenting information for your consideration. I do love her stories in the book about walking home from school. I was pretty shocked to read that she was sucked into a Nigerian Prince internet scam and curious to learn more about her psychedelic Sacred Ceremony experience involving a rare toad and a shaman. Say or think what you will, THIS WOMAN is living!

I find many of the themes in her book to align with the shared experiences of 50-year-old women. I think you will too.

There is no denying the immense benefits of meditation, which is where her story of awakening begins. If you have an interest in learning more about meditation, you will find this episode of great interest.

Her newest book is available in paperback or Kindle (Amazon affiliate link).

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