216 Staying Sane In Your 50s with Chel Hamilton

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My #1 best strategy for mental health and wellness is found in practicing mindfulness and visualization through meditation and self-hypnosis.

Why you must stop saying, “I can’t meditate”

Staying Sane

Nobody can just “do it”. It is a practice.

That, my dear friend, is the whole idea: practicing and practicing. As you practice, it becomes more effortless but never automatic. You will also come to learn, understand, and appreciate the fine art of not judging your own performance. In meditation, you will find the glorious ability to accept yourself as you are in the moment.

In this episode, I share my own struggles with getting on board, where I started, how you can find your starting place AND I share a condensed version of my 2015 episode with Chel Hamilton, host of the Meditation Minis Podcast.

Where to Start? Guided meditations!

I highly recommend that you begin – or begin again – as I did, with guided meditations. Search for and sample these audio recordings within your podcast player, on YouTube, the App store on your phone, or Google until you find what appeals to you.

My advice is to find the person, the voice, the length, the purpose that works for you, and then stay with that podcaster or YouTuber. Subscribe or even purchase their library of meditations. Your preference will change over time, and then you can begin your search with a more refined understanding of what you are looking for.

I do like my guest’s 5-10 minute podcasts. She brings her strength of creating visualizations, which I initially found to be just what I needed: Chel Hamilton’s Meditation Minis Podcast

Sources for finding other meditation podcasts

The 21 Best Meditation Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

23 Top Meditation and Mindfulness Podcasts

Purpose Specific Guided Meditations

I swear you can find a guided meditation for ANYTHING! To fall asleep, to wake up, to calm anxiety, to motivate you, to pump you up, find clarity, heal an emotional wound, etc… Just start searching, sampling, subscribing, and practicing.

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