E143 Retire EARLY to Mexico with Queen Michele

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Lake ChapalaTake an early retirement to Mexico and live on a monthly budget of $1,100? Ever feel like selling everything and moving out of the country? Spend your days doing yoga on the beach, living like royalty in a Central American country? It sounds great, living where your dollar goes so much further. But what about missing family, will I be safe, can I still vote, will I lose my citizenship, lose my friends … So Many Questions!



My guest, Queen Michele, 55, decided that she was up for the adventure and retired early (at 52!) from a 27-year teaching career. A Michigan native, she had lived in Las Vegas and then Georgia when the single-mom turned empty nester downsized her belongings, did her research and headed for a new life in Mexico.

I was so curious to learn why and how she went about making the decision to leave the U.S., where to go, what would a new life be like? Not working!?


We talk quite a bit about who is and IS NOT suited for this type of living. There are certain sacrifices to be made along with the many benefits.

So many of her friends wanted to know the same things, and so she wrote a book about her experience of retiring at 54 and moving to San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico. Her book, Considerations: A Guide For Moving Abroad, details what she learned and what readers should consider before following in her sandal wearing footsteps.

Check out Queen at her 55th Birthday party in Mexico HERE.

Watch Queen being interviewed on Jerry Brown Travels HERE.

Another guest from waaay back in Episode 005 also lives the ex-pat lifestyle in Thailand:

Queen Michele’s Bio:

Queen’s career in education spans over 27 years.  At the age of 52, she retired from teaching elementary. At 54, she downsized 90% of her home and moved abroad. During her first year abroad, she wrote a book about her experience of moving to Mexico in December of 2017.

It’s entitled Considerations: A Guide for Moving Abroad. It was never her intention to write a book. But, as a single, middle-aged retiree, she quickly came to realize more women were doing it and even more are considering it. She’s over the moon delighted to positively contribute to those journeys.  Now in this next chapter of her life, Queen is studying, learning, writing about Consciousness and intentionally living her highest good.

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