YES, I like to knit.

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Yes-I-Like-To-Knit-No-I-Am-Not-OldI love this shirt. I get so tired of hearing “such and such” makes you appear so old. Like knitting. Screw you, I like to knit.  I do a lot of things that younger people just shake their heads at. I really don’t care.

It cracks my teenage daughter up that 99% of the songs on my playlist have been in my rotation for EVER, for her that is 15 years. I know what music I like, and I listen to it. Humph.

I still write a paper check from time to time. I read the newspaper every morning. I mean the paper paper, not on a screen. I like to hold books when I read them and I actually CALL people and talk to them. If they don’t answer, I, (get this!), leave a VOICEMAIL.


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