What happened?

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What happened to Lynda.com?

No more Lynda.com

Many of my older podcasts promote Lynda.com. Unfortunately, Lynda.com was sold to LinkedIn and merged into their bag of tricks. It is a shame. It no longer exists. Thank God for YouTube.


If you are a learning junkie like me, my favorite virtual training resource for just about everything is CreativeLive.com.*

Why Creative Live?

  • High-quality content and instructors
  • Tons of FREE content including LIVE instruction
  • LIVE and recorded classes
  • You can buy an inexpensive month-long pass
  • Super affordable
  • Both personal and professional development classes

Check out their Best Selling, Most Popular classes.

*Disclosure: Experience 50 is an affiliate of Creative Live, which means I may get a small commission based purchases. You will never pay more using my affiliate links.

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