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TRIVIA 50 TV Memories


On The Golden Girls, what was the name of the retirement home where Sophia lived before joining the "girls"?
On The Love Boat, Captain Merrill Stubing was played by actor Gavin MacLeod. In which other TV Series did he appear?
Which actress appeared on both The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show?
Actor Fred Grandy played the role of "Gopher" the Purser on The Love Boat. When the series concluded, Grandy went on to:
On the Bob Newhart show, starring Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette, Howard Borden, their next-door neighbor, an airline navigator and later co-captain was played by an actor who also appeared in which earlier TV show?
In 1976, NBC aired the TV Movie, The Loneliest Runner about a 13 year-old boy who still wets the bed each night. His mother shames him by displaying the yellow-stained sheets outside his bedroom window. He runs home from school every day to take the sheets inside before the neighborhood kids can see them. The autobiographical movie was written and directed by:
Actress Bea Arthur appeared in an episode of All in The Family as Edith's cousin Maude, creating the spin-off show Maude. Maude's no nonsense black housekeeper became such a popular character that she went on to star in her own spin-off series, Good Times. Her character's name:
The Mary Tyler Moore Show resulted in three spin-off series including Rhoda, starring Valerie Harper. Rhoda's sister was played by Julie Kavner, who became the voice of Marge Simpson on The Simpson. What was her character's name on Rhoda?
Peter Marshall was the host of which TV game show for 15 years?
Actor John Ritter played what role on Three's Company?

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