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So, I have this little addiction to podcasting.

You may drink too much, shop too much, or gamble too much. I podcast. It could be worse, I know.

If I could choose my addiction, it would be shopping because the day after a shopping binge I could take everything back to the store and get my money back. My show doesn’t work that way.

Please support my addiction, with cash. The cold hard kind. The kind I can pay bills with. I am asking that you throw some cash in my tip jar on Patreon where I post behind the scenes moments of my podcasting problem. I am now uploading the video of my pre- and post-interview chat with guests (if they are agreeable) and plan to do much more sharing of my own midlife experience on Patreon.

Be my enabler. Yes, I think that is how I should refer to my supporters – enablers.

Your financial support directly supports ME, Mary Rogers.

A huge thanks to folks who are already making donations each month. MWAH!

Here is a preview trailer of Episode 133’s video. The full-length version is on my Patreon page locked behind the $2 a month payment tier. I hope to see you there!

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