E117 Unlocking Your Libido

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Unlocking Your LibidoLet’s talk libido.

I promise this episode is not what you expect.

My guest is on a personal mission to open communication with women about their sexual energy. Have you become disinterested? Or perhaps looking to expand your sexual experience. My guest lived with a depressed libido for most of her adult life, until something very surprising happened. She tells her amazing story to midlifers on Experience 50.

Meet Suzanna Miller, 53, of Vermont. After a series of failed marriages and personal reflection, she came to terms with the fact that she was a “shape shifter”, never being truly her self with the men with whom she had been in relationships. Each time, she became what she perceived that they wanted her to be.

The result was a lack of emotional intimacy and ultimately trust. She lost interest in sex and had become asexual. For this and other reasons, another marriage failed and under the tremendous stress of work, divorce and raising two young children, she dabbled in meditation, starting with guided visualization meditations. The rest of her story unfolds in our conversation.

I am very impressed with Suzanna. She is just a regular working mom and wife who had an experience that she feels compelled to share with you. Her honesty and lack of judgment of others are remarkable. I admire the ease with which she discusses sexuality with an authentic and direct voice.

Suzanna Miller’s bio:

Suzanna MillerFollowing a spontaneous awakening of ecstatic energy during meditation several years ago, Suzanna Miller set out to discover the nature of sexual energy beyond the physical act, and its ability to transform our lives. In the process, her experiences have revealed to her the sublime potential for pleasure that resides within every cell in our body. Suzanna now inspires women in the practice of awakening this energy and revamping their approach to sexuality through her blog and podcast at experience50.com/bliss.



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