Falling In Love With Fitness After 50

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Joe Weaver Fit 50+

Exercise. Working out. Weight training. “I’m going to start. Really. This time I mean it!” You too? Yeah.

No, this time, I will. Talking with Joe Weaver, owner of Fit 50+, got me revved up and I’m eager to try his breathing method that he and his clients swear by: ocean breathing. Joe share how using this method gets you to “the zone” faster, prevents you from overdoing it and gets faster better results. Best of all, your fitness experience becomes so enjoyable that you find yourself heading back to your next workout with a skip in your step. Awesome! I need some skip in my step.

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Links from the show:

Joe’s Fit 50 + website

Joe’s Metazone Performance Boosting System

Learn more about Joe’s eBook ($27)*

Exercise Bands:

Book: Body Mind & Sport

Joe’s Facebook Page

Yoga.. Sun Salutations including warm up stretching

or this…


About Joe Weaver:

After a lifetime of being a busy entrepreneur, Joe Weaver at age 57 finally decided it was time to get serious about getting fit.

Over the next two years he scoured the internet, and read everything he could about losing fat and building lean muscle after 50. He tried several programs and got stronger but also got fatter!

Then at 59 he discovered a couple of ancient Ayurvedic techniques that changed his whole relationship with fitness and diet. Instead of a boring chore, exercise became energizing and rejuvenating for the first time.

Over the next six months he was able to shed his excess weight and get in the best shape of his life in time for his 60th birthday. In fact he felt so good he entered an online physique contest for men over 40 and was amazed when he took second place!

Since then he’s written an ebook that’s been sold to thousands of people in 52 countries around the world.

Today Joe is still lean and strong at 65.

His message is: With the right knowledge, fitness and weight loss can be easy and enjoyable. And only when it becomes enjoyable will it be sustainable.

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