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Mary BlackStrong Woman | Sled Dog Racer

Mary Black and I have a couple of things in common- our first name and we are both women in our 50s. Other than that, not much. But I admire the hell out of her. She is physically strong and enjoys using her body to meet challenges.

Mary and her husband spent 10 years living off the grid without indoor plumbing. Now, she is meeting challenges with a new podcast, blog, and online tools she and her husband Mark have developed for folks like us that need to start paying attention to our health.

I really enjoyed speaking with Mary Black and I believe you will be inspired by her personal story. She is a generous soul and a plucky gal. I like that. I never want to live off the grid and I never-ever will live without a running and flushing bathroom, but I find people who can do those things to be fascinating!

Mary strikes me as a never-complaining midlifer who can tackle whatever life puts in front of her. She is flexible, unafraid and in perpetual forward motion.

Listen and enjoy!

Mary Black is an online lifestyle coach, blogger and motivational speaker with almost 30 years of experience. In 2009 she decided she was sick and tired of being sick and tired; she quit smoking and drinking, adopted a clean eating and workout lifestyle and began turning back the clock. Slowly she repaired the damaged cells and today, at age 52, looks and FEELS younger than she did in her 30’s. 

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