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Okay, not lazy.

Busy living might better explain why I pulled back on producing as many episodes each month as I had been doing. Let’s not get into numbers.

Late last year, I decided this podcast would be a hobby, not a full-time endeavor resembling a career without the money. I was still approached by folks who wanted to be guests, and they had great stories. Most, I put off, some I interviewed, but I wasn’t sharing anything about what was going on with Mary.

Not that there WAS anything in particular, but I was sticking with my guest’s stories.

A funny thing happened when I pulled back. The archives of over 100 episodes exploded with new listeners, the mailing list (which I COMPLETELY ignored) grew. And I was busy doing other things.

During that time, it seems, Experience 50 has grown in listeners and had earned a bunch of outside media attention and kudos from people I admire very much. Hot damn.

Message received. How cool. I’m looking forward to sharing and listening and writing and all that great stuff I love.

PLUS, I will be juggling it alongside my new job which I started last November that pays me real money.

Please keep up the incredible job you’ve done with spreading the Experience 50 word to your friends, teaching them how to listen to podcasts and writing me with your crazy midlife stories.

You’ve got this!

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Spread the word about Experience 50!

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