E113 Should I Stay or Should I go? w/ Anthony Diaz, The Peacemaker

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Gray divorce is on the rise

The midlife decision of divorce is a growing concern for many. Our guest helps us to navigate that decision in this first of three episodes. What I love about Anthony is that he brings together his knowledge as a family law attorney, training as a CPA, compassion of a personal empowerment coach and the personal experience of going through a divorce. This guy is a complete contradiction of stereotypes rolled into a genuinely nice guy that helps people get through and move on from their divorce experience with grace and peace.

Midlife divorce podcast Anthony DiazNot just for troubled couples

In this and the two subsequent episodes, Anthony, 58, shares his experience to benefit couples in trouble and frankly, the advice can help happy couples to make their relationship even stronger.

About Anthony J. Diaz, The Peacemaker

Anthony J. Diaz, Esq., RScP is a family law attorney and mediator specializing in resolving disputes easily, effortlessly and amicably. In his practice, he is known as the Peacemaker. He is also a Licensed Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. As a coach, attorney and mediator, Anthony utilizes his spiritual practices to guide others from pain to peace. He also helps others to resolve conflict with compassion and create powerful relationships with passion and purpose. Anthony is also an international speaker whose passion, mission and purpose are to help those in pain to move on from their divorce with dignity to co-create the life they were meant to live.

Anthony has authored articles for the Science of Mind Magazine and is the co-author of “Faces Behind the Pages” and “Creating Relationships and Family with Courage and Compassion”. He has also authored “Divorce With Dignity – 3 Powerful Steps to Heal and Move Past Your Divorce N.O.W.”; “!n-joy Your Relationships! – 7 Pillars to Deepening Your Connections With Passion and Purpose” and “Moving Consciously Through Conflict – 5 Meaningful Steps to Mediating Conflict With Compassion”.

Additional information may be obtained on his website.

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