E114 A Peaceful Divorce w/ Anthony Diaz

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Midlife Divorce

midlife divorceIs there such a thing as a peaceful divorce. Yes! Well, maybe? Newer approaches, such as the Collaborative Divorce Model, protect the interests of both parties while respecting the intensity of this emotional event. In this episode, we explore that model and others.

Anthony Diaz is trained in such models and has personally experienced the unexpected emotional trauma of a conventional divorce proceeding even though he was the spouse who filed for divorce. Based in Orlando, FL, he works with couples and individuals to keep everyone on the sane train. 

Anthony is a trained CPA, family law attorney, mediator, and coach. He is also a very spiritual guy which makes him something of an anomaly in my mind. He really cares about minimizing the emotional devastation that may happen during a divorce.

This is the second of a three-part series of conversations with Anthony. If you missed it, Episode 113 Should I Stay or Should I Go is here for your convenience:

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