E067 Tribute To Men in Midlife with MIDMEN author Steve Ochs

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e67tribute to men in midlife405Men don’t get an easy ride through their 50s. Steve Och’s book, MIDMEN: The Modern Man’s Guide To Surviving Midlife Crisis should be placed on the nightstand of every guy’s bed, or couch, depending on how that midlife experience is going for him.

This episode contains new content, but is primarily a condensed version of nearly two hours of conversation between Mary Rogers and Steve Och’s which originally aired as a 2 part series in November of 2015. Since then, Ochs’ book has been a huge success, becoming an Amazon #1 Bestseller, and has received the International Book Award and the Next Generation Indie Book Award. 

To hear the complete interview, Part 1 and Part 2.

Och’s discussion of finding out what is important and making every decision with an eye on protecting your radius is priceless advice to both men and the women who love them.

Men In Their 50s

The episode begins with my sympathies for men in their 50s, it is not a walk in the park. BUT, I am so gratified by the emails I receive from my male listeners who get in touch to say that they are completely on board with the Experience 50 concept of acknowledging that this is a time for change and setting out to make their lives awesome. Some are reconnecting with their parents now that the kids are raised or pursuing passions that have been put aside for way too many years. Career changes, starting or selling a business, new romances, exotic travel, it is all on the table!

Best of all… implementing change now instead of waiting to turn 65 and retire into a lump on the sofa. Hooray!!!!

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