E066 TV Nostalgia From Behind The Scenes

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TV NostalgiaMeet Daniel B. Morgan, funny guy and author of The Last Stage Manager Standing. We can all agree that, from the comfort of our couches, American television has changed over the years. But that is only our view. In this episode, you will take a magical mystery tour behind the scenes with television industry veteran Danny Morgan, 70.

Danny’s stories include many names you’ll recognise: Morgan Fairchild, Bill O’Reilly, Martha Stewart, Peter Jennings, Connie Chung (who wrote the Forward in his book), Mike Wallace, and the whole crew from Captain Kangaroo (Bob Sheehan, Hugh Brannum…), the list goes on and on.Daniel B. Morgan, Last Stage Manager Standing

This is a wonderful Father’s Day Gift or Birthday Present for anybody who loves television, was born after 1945 or loves to read a great memoir.

Please listen to this wonderful conversation with Daniel B. Morgan, The Last Stage Manager Standing.



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