E048 What’s Your Past Story with Jenifer Strauss

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e48(2)What's Your PAST Story400x400Learn how the telling of your story impacts your brain. Remember all of those painful “learning experiences”? Well, how you file that story away, your perspective on the tale, really does wire your brain to believe your story. Jenifer Strauss, of Story Be Told, shares the scientific basis of why the telling of our stories shape who we are.

Meet Jenifer Strauss

Jenifer Strauss uses story to help educators, organizations and individuals connect, communicate, and achieve their goals. After ten years as a middle school educator, Jenifer combined her love of teaching and storytelling and in 1993, founded her consulting business, Story Be Told. During her years in the classroom, Jenifer used storytelling with her students to capture interest, motivate learning, and inspire writing. Jen learned that people think, learn and imagine in story or narrative and helped her students make powerful connections between imagining, speaking, and writing. Now traveling nationally, Jenifer offers dynamic story performances, writing workshops, trainings and keynotes along with long-term involvements as an Artist-inResidence. Jenifer is the creator of the Turning Points Personal Narrative Process which she presents to schools, organizations, businesses and individuals. Her curriculum-based program, “Tell It, Read It, Write It” has been performed and positively received by schools across the United States. She offers a powerful high school program focused on prevention, and positive selfesteem called “Keeping an Eye Out for Coyote”. Jenifer’s credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, an elementary education degree from Western Michigan University, and a secondary education degree in Biology from Michigan State University. Jenifer is cofounder of the Center for Imagination, and partner in a collaborative business called Cygnus Storytelling, LLC, whose publications and recordings include Telling Stories: The Cygnus Storytelling Handbook, and a CD called U Tell A Tale: Stories Told Through-U. Her newest recording; Michigan Legends and Lore

Resources from this episode include:

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Evolve The Brain, Breaking the Habit of Being You

You are the Placebo, Making Your Mind Matter

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