E094 My Crazy Pivot Into Radio

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People ask me how I got into podcasting and broadcast radio. Total fluke. Today, I’m sharing the ghastly story of being offered my own daily morning talk radio show on 106.7 WSRT.  I had zero experience, and didn’t even listen to radio other than NPR. This was NOT NPR.  

I was scared to death, excited beyond belief and completely on my own to make it work. Imagine that you had always loved the idea of flying a plane and were handed the keys to a jet. Like that.

There is much more to this story, more lessons than I share here and certainly more people who eventually came to my aid and helped me to believe in myself and were gracious enough to teach a rookie how to do her job.

Bottomline: Sometimes, awesome and incredible opportunities will just land in your lap. Ignore the fear and make the most of it. The alternative is to play it safe, say no and always wonder “What if?”

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