Legacy Settings

Can I still post on Facebook after I die?

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No, my dear, you cannot. But maybe they have some other social media apps in heaven, I don’t know, Cloud 9?

But, what you can and should do is name somebody to manage your account once you have, uh, left this world. Facebook allows you to name a Legacy Contact, who in the case of your demise will have permission to post to your account and download all archived photos and posts.

Here’s how to choose a legacy contact:

Open your settings. Choose Security and then Legacy Contact at the bottom of the page.

Legacy Settings

You will have the option to send an email to your Legacy Contact informing them that they are “the chosen one”. Remember when you only had to choose a guardian for your children and an executor of your will? Ha! Life has become so strange.

You may want to ask your Facebooking parents to name you as well, of course, that will mean a long phone conversation similar to helping them use their TV remote.

I suggest you choose carefully, one can only imagine the nonsense that could ensue!

For more details on Facebook Legacy Contacts: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2015/02/adding-a-legacy-contact/

Now that you are taking care of business, listen to this episode of the podcast regarding other end of life matters… https://www.experience50.com/podcast/e063-greatest-gift-leave-family-funeral-resources/

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