E063 The Greatest Gift To Leave Your Family with Christopher Hill, Funeral Resources

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Christopher Hill FuneralIf you love your family, please document your end of life wishes for your own passing. The shock and grief when a loved one dies is overwhelming. To have to try to recall or imagine what your family member’s final wishes would have been is nearly impossible. Your judgement is poor, you find it difficult to make decisions and this is exactly the shape you do NOT want to leave your family in when you pass.

It is typically the children of the deceased who plan funerals. Get ready.

Chris Hill, Founder and Creator of FuneralResources.com is on a mission to save family members from the situation he found himself in when his mother died. Nobody knew what she wanted. What type of service? What songs? Burial or cremation? What did she want to be dressed in, not to mention the question of jewelry?

If you pay in advance or not, having pre-planned your funeral is indeed the greatest gift you can leave your family. There are downloadable guides, or just talk with your family or a funeral director.

Chris Hill and Mary discuss the importance of:

  • considering the decisions that need to be made quickly
  • communicating/documenting your wishes
  • talking to your adult children
  • how to discuss your parent’s wishes
  • creating a Love Drawer

Funeral Planning Resources: 



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