E165 Transformational Travel with Wendy Guth, Rebel On The Go

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Transformational travel? There’s no better way to find yourself than to physically leave everything behind you. That is what travel does. I can’t think of a more accelerated path to midlife transformation than heading on a journey to unfamiliar territory.

Rebel On The Go Experience 50 Episode 165When my guest, Wendy Guth, lost her event and meeting planning job at 50, she knew that she was ready for something new but did not have a clue what that might be. Sound familiar?

So many of us find ourselves in a kind of quest for “something”. As she shares in her own story, had she stayed in town licking her wounds, she suspects that her own thoughts would have spiraled into depression and self-doubt.

Leaving home, with her two boys in tow, she gifted herself a two-month visit to Guam where she found herself completely out of her comfort zone and found the mental space to see her life more clearly.

As a transformational travel designer, Wendy is now helping other midlifers to gain clarity through the art of travel. She calls herself a transformational travel designer. She sees the bigger picture beyond train schedules and boutique hotels.

We talk about the growing number of solo travelers, especially midlife women, who are looking for adventures big and small. Also, how you can join group tours with like-minded travellers to destinations around the globe.

Currently, Wendy is working on the final details of a January 2020 women-only trip to Bolivia with National Geographic. This special trip will not open for bookings until the end of July, so be sure that you are on her mailing list!

Whether it’s a 50th birthday trip, a divorce weekend away with friends, or a multi-generational family pilgrimage to the home country, Wendy creates artful itineraries and special touches like private tours, spa appointments, maybe a private chef arriving to cook at your AirB&B.

Sometimes, rebellious nature is what’s needed to combat the stressful nonsense of our daily lives. It says, “Let’s get out of here.”

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