E223 Post-traumatic Transformation with Tina Zaremba

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Post-traumatic transformation?

Life after breast cancer. So, we all know about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This episode flips our thinking on the aftermath of a personal crisis. Can we find our way to positive transformation following times of chaos, crushing circumstances, loss, or a devastating health scare?

How might you be changed on the other side of crisis?

One woman’s breast cancer is another woman’s empty nest, death of a loved one, divorce, financial ruin, or career loss. I’m not making light of breast cancer, I’m acknowledging that we each have our own moments, events, days, or years of incredibly difficult situations.

Circumstances will arise that shake up your tidy life, force you to face your fears, find your courage, pull together your posse, and survive whatever shitstorm has landed in your lap.

My guest’s diagnosis with breast cancer was her personal shitstorm. Tina Zaremba shares everything in her newly released podcast, Chemo Stories, and visits with me in this episode to talk about her new sense of self-awareness earned through a horrible experience which she wishes on no one.

Tina Zaremba has found her way to less noise, more calm, and a new appreciation for life’s small gifts. Her breast cancer story of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery gives voice to every woman’s fears and how this traumatic experience changed her perspective on living.



A note from Mary to you, yes you!

Please get your annual mammogram. If your results come back as anything other than normal, I beg you, implore you, please, please, please, see your doctor and then get a second opinion from a breast cancer specialist within a different medical system. I speak from experience.

About Tina Zaremba

Tina Zaremba is a professional talker. For 15 years, she has taken her passion and turned it into a career as a nationally recognized voice over talent and gifted storyteller, mentor, and podcast host who thrives on bringing words to life. Based in New York City, she has lent her voice to hundreds of commercials, corporate videos, promos, training programs, and everything in between.




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