E195 Emotional Troubleshooting with Eric Zimmer

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During this stressful period of our new Coronavirus reality, I know that my listeners, GenXers and younger Boomers, are feeling the squeeze of that “sandwich generation” moniker we carry. We have elderly parents as well as teenagers and young adults looking to us for guidance as each of our families make adjustments.

This is a time when it is imperative to first find our own emotional footing in this difficult time when you may feel overwhelmed by difficult emotions, primarily uncertainty, fear.

experience 50 podcast e195 eric zimmerTo help us find our way, I’ve invited Eric Zimmer of The One We Feed Podcast to join us. A behavior coach, podcast host, and author, Eric is inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work and how to intentionally create the lives we want to live.

At the age of 24, Eric experienced his own private nightmare finding himself homeless, drug-addicted and facing long jail sentences.

Since finding his own way to a life worth living he has built a foundation for helping others through his award-winning podcast, The One You Feed, and programs through his website, oneyoufeed.net where he helps people to build spiritual habits so we feel calmer, fulfilled and more at ease in your life.

I discovered Eric in 2017 after I released a mini-episode titled The One You Feed, featuring a parable which Eric embraces at the core of his own podcast. 

That parable seems like a good place to begin our conversation with Eric.

In this episode, we cover:

5 Stages of Difficult Emotions

  1. Resistance
  2. Exploring
  3. Tolerating
  4. Allowing
  5. Befriending/Learning

3 Strategies for Managing Difficult Emotions

  1. Labeling: Name it Tame it
  2. Awareness. Feel your emotions in your body.
  3. Soften. Soothe. Allow.

About my guest, Eric Zimmer

The One You Feed PodcastA behavior coach, podcast host, and author, Eric Zimmer is endlessly inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work and how to intentionally create the lives we want to live.

Eric works as a behavior coach and has done so for the past 20 years. He has coached hundreds of people from around the world on how to make significant life changes and create habits that serve them well in achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves.

In addition to his work as a behavior coach, he currently hosts the award-winning podcast, The One You Feed, based on an old parable about two wolves at battle within us. With over 300 episodes and over 13 million downloads, the show features conversations with experts across many fields of study about how to create a life that has less suffering and more fulfillment and meaning.

Guests on the show include scientists, authors, researchers, teachers, thought leaders, spiritual gurus, and public figures and all offer practical, actionable wisdom that listeners can readily apply to their daily lives in order to act their way into a better experience of living.

His story and his work have been featured in the media including TedX, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, the BBC and Brain Pickings.

Experience 50 Podcast listeners needing support and community

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