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Experience50 Podcast with Mary Keyes RogersI’d rather not think of this as a rant, but some time taken to look at what the hell went wrong. I’m happy to be responsible for my own happiness, thank you very much. I’m never going to tell somebody else how to be happy, because how would I possibly know? But I do know that I am finding greater joy in a simpler life and feel like the world, or actually… America, is kinda going to hell. Or, is getting off track.

I sound like a grandma, I know.

But I do see, that as a country, we are self-reporting high numbers of unhappiness, and I for one am starting to connect the dots between what we value as a society, and as individuals, compared to what science shows us results in lifelong happiness and there is a huge disconnect.

The good news is that once we turn 50, we seem to start seeing this disconnect in how we spend our time and money and have time to change our ways.

Here are but a few reflections on how the world worked 40 years ago that I can now honestly say… I miss.

  • We showed self-respect and respect for others through our appearance.
  • Stores and businesses were closed on Sundays and major holidays.
  • News was not editorial, nor a 24/7 commercial enterprise relying upon profits.
  • Education was valued for learning about our world and not just how to earn a living.
  • Children were not idolized.
  • Life was much more simple.

I’d love to read your thoughts on this as well. What else from the “good Old Days” should make a comeback?

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