The Best of 1975

TRIVIA 50- The Best of 1975

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The Best of 1975

Being middle aged does have some benefits, like remembering useless information from the 1970s. Let's see how well you remember 1975. Let's start with seeing if you can recall your name and email address.

The Best of 1975


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Remember when you could read without glasses?  Which book ranked #1 on The New York Times Best Seller List in 1975?
Remember staying awake past 10PM to watch award shows? Which movie received the Oscar for Best Movie at the 47th Academy Awards on April 8, 1975? Note: The nominated films were released during 1974.

Which baseball team won the 1975 World Series?

Remember standing up to change the channel? Which actor received the 1975 Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series?

Remember when you knew every nominee and performer on the Grammy's? Which song was named Billboard's Top Song of 1975?

What's your guess at the top selling toy of 1975?

 Yes, programming ended each night with the National Anthem. Which TV show was the most watched in 1975?

Sure, the average cost of a home was only $39,500. Who was the World's Richest Man in 1975?

Which names were the most popular for boys/girls born in 1975?

Which football team won the Super Bowl in 1975?

OK , let's see how you did!

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