The $300 Midlife Shopping Experiment

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GiftsWhat we hope to find under the Christmas tree at our age is a whole lot different than when we were 25 or 30. Some of us become far more practical (a fancy foreign vacuum cleaner would be fine) whereas some may consider that reasonable grounds for divorce.

Perhaps at this point, you want rewards not tools, like jewelry, a really good watch, leather boots that you can’t buy at Target, a tackle box you can be proud of. I’m strictly talking THINGS here. How much will your significant other spend on your Christmas gift(s)? If you’ve been together 10 or more years, the average is $300. Not too shabby.

I want to know what you want.

I’ve put together this little experiment, not just for my own curiosity, but to help you know what might be a great gift to give.

What do you really want that falls within the $300 limit. Be a dreamer, be selfish, be generous, be the real you. What would truly enjoy receiving.

The Experiment: Follow this link * to, you guessed it, to the largest online store in the world (tuna fish to Tanzanite studs). Spend 10 minutes or so and then let me know what you chose, the price, your age and gender. Also share any thoughts you had that might be… interesting?

Here is the link to report your results, THE EXPERIMENT ENDS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22 AT 10PM. I will not know who you are, don’t worry. Next week, on Black Friday, I will share the results here and in Mary’s Friday Five. I hope to inspire you by thinking about yourself for a change and to help each other know what our significant others may actually WANT!

* This is an affiliate link. Should you choose to make a purchase, your price will not be impacted and Mary Rogers Productions LLC may make a few pennies. Win-Win.

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