E205 Which Crisis Are We Talking About?

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To hear the advice on how to “survive” or “make the best of” living under stay-at-home orders, I couldn’t help but notice the parallel between the COVID crisis and your run of the mill midlife crisis. In either case, the crisis is one of adapting to change, many changes.

In this episode, I break down:

Ten Keys to Times of Change

  1. Be intentional about how you will spend this unique period of time
  2. Slow down, make space in your head and your schedule for personal development
  3. Use this time for reflection and get to know yourself
  4. Learn new things or return to doing the things you loved long ago
  5. Reach out to old friends
  6. Only try to control what you CAN control – practice the art of Go with the Flow
  7. Be patient and compassionate with yourself – and others. Change is stressful for everyone
  8. Take good care of yourself
  9. If you mess up – and you will – start again the next day.

Did you set some Crisis goals?

GoalsSo many of us are shaking our heads thinking, “What have I done in the last two months?” Yep, time slips away.

I share the many “goals” or “intentions” I set back in March and how those turned out. The one accomplishment I can point to is my new daily routine of writing longhand in a journal.

I did change the specific goal I had set, but I am now settled in with my morning routine of writing to the point where I would refer to it as a habit.

You’ll hear me mention the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron in which she takes you through a 12-week process which includes daily Morning Pages. Her program just wasn’t for me, but I did adopt and then adapted her Morning Pages practice to work for me.

Are you an OCD writing snob?

Do you require particular types of pens, pencils, paper, notebook formats, and bindings? Me too.

My absolute favorite lines paper notebook mentioned in the episode:

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Whatever accomplishments you can point to or fresh intentions you choose, make the most of this very odd time. I welcome your emails to share your story: mary@experience50.com

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