E065 Midlife Truth or Dare with Diann Wingert

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Midlife Truth or DareTruth or Dare?

Which challenge puts more fear in your heart? Jumping out of an airplane or getting real about your unfulfilled dreams and shortcomings. Gasp!

I believe that midlifers who choose to really push the gas pedal are doing at least one or the other; playing truth or dare. Those who continue on the same path, avoiding challenging questions and actions, will just float through their daily existence of wash, rinse, repeat.

Let’s play Truth or Dare everyday. Come on, life is short! Face your truth and dare yourself to try something new. Midlife Transitions Coach and LCSW Diann Wingert has done both in the course of her 50s. 

She recently marked her 60th birthday with a skydiving adventure, which tops off a long list of DARES. She also dared to come face to face with some truths. See the video here.  To learn more about skydiving, gift certificates, etc, I found this website to be helpful: skydiving.com

The true fun of midlife is found in challenging ourselves! Rethinking our truths and pushing ourselves to try new things will get your engine in a new gear.

Both truth and dare are equally scary ideas at our age. Why get out of my jammies? Off my comfy couch of long Diann Wingert skydivingheld beliefs about myself and my world? Nooo, I’m tired, I could take a nap instead. Learn to paint? Go away!!!!!

Well my lazy little lump, no can do. You wouldn’t be listening to the podcast or reading this if you were happy with that bag of chips. So in this episode we are chatting with a favorite and frequent guest on Experience 50,  Certified Midlife Transitions Coach Licensed  Diann Wingert.

Diann approached her 50s with a Now or Never agenda.

A midlife DID THAT list!

Here is just a portion of her “Did that!” list:

  • Remarried after being a single mom for many years
  • Now sports two tattoos
  • Committed to a daily meditation practice
  • Converted to Buddhism
  • Established her own successful business as a private practice LCSW
  • Traveled to Burma, India, Mongolia, Chile
  • Made fitness a priority, exercising 6 days a week on average
  • Invested significant time and finances to life coaching certification through a highly esteemed program
  • Began the pivot from her career as a therapist to expand into coaching midlife women through successful transitions
  • Experienced her first skydive
  • Completed a six week course to learn to play the cello
  • Is now in a fencing class

Talk about Experiencing 50!

If you are thinking this woman could help you with your Did That list and coach you through some Truth or Dare time, email Mary at mary@experience50.com. Experience 50 is developing a selection of Women’s Only (sorry guys , we’ll get to you too!)  Midlife Coaching opportunities with Diann. You can also look forward to an upcoming episode with Diann to help you figure out if you need a therapist or a coach to achieve your goals.

To learn more about Diann, visit her website.

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