E181 Rebooting Sexuality After 50 with Walker Thornton

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Sexuality after 50

Sexuality after 50Considering all of the sex in our media, our music, and advertising, it remains a relatively taboo topic for discussion among friends. If those friends are women over 45, the conversation is even less likely to happen.

Our sexuality changes as we age. Peri- through post-menopause brings changes to our hormones, our bodies, and our attitudes. My guest, the wonderful Walker Thorton, believes that women’s sexuality and opportunity for physical pleasure has no expiration date.

We have a frank and open conversation about the role of sexuality in living a rich and full life at any age.

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Her book offers a roadmap back to sexuality for women who want to enhance this part of their lives, specifically women who have become sexually estranged from their partners, are simply going through the motions, or who are without a partner. We also discuss how a woman without a partner can enjoy a regular practice of self-pleasuring.

You are invited to watch the video chat of this interview.

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Experience 50 Podcast Rebooting Sexuality

Walker Thornton is an author and public speaker advocating the idea of Aging Unapologetically™. She helps women find ways to embrace this next stage of life with joy and abandon and a touch of practicality. Her approach to talking about sex and aging is refreshingly positive. Walker writes for several women’s websites; her book, Inviting Desire, a Guide for Women Who Want to Enhance Their Sex Life, can be found at Amazon.

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