A Rooster in the Empty Nest with Bruce Buxton

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The empty nest transition is not just a “woman thing”

Bruce Buxton, host of The Gray Beard Podcast gives us a man’s perspective on empty nest living and relationships with adult kids & your co-nester. As he points out, that period of time right after your youngest packs up and moves on, is the most critical juncture in a long-term marriage. Mommy and Daddy need to start living like a couple again.

Bruce and Mary swap strategies on building a stronger marriage when kiddie parenting is done, how to shift to a new relationship with your adult kids and their significant others, and how to know when you’re in trouble.

Bruce Buxton

Bruce Buxton, 57, is the father of 5 adult children, grandfather of 5, and has been married for 35 years. He resides in Gettysburg PA and works in IT Consulting. He has a unique side hustle as a therapeutic horseshoer (farrier) and loves the challenge of helping lame horses be sound again. Bruce has served for more than 30 years on and off in church service where he has seen firsthand the challenges and the riches that family life has to offer. He is an enthusiastic promoter of the value of personal experience and the resourcefulness of age. He promotes and encourages men and women of a “certain age” to continue to strive to be the best they can be through his podcast The Gray Beard Podcast.

Gray Beard Podcast The purpose of The Gray Beard Podcast is to inspire and support life’s achievements for those in mid-life and beyond. We all run into roadblocks in our attempts to become the best version of ourselves. On The Gray Beard podcast, Bruce Buxton will show you that being a little older is not your biggest weakness; it is your greatest superpower!



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