E228 Pivots in Pivots in a Pandemic with Colleen Chapman

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Midlife pivots in a pandemic require flexibility in your planning but should not be abandoned. Colleen Chapman’s midlife pivot plan changed over 13 months since her mentoring session with Mary Rogers, but she has achieved major accomplishments moving her closer to the full vision.

After Colleen’s divorce then purchasing and remodeling a new home, she lost a friend to cancer. Her pivot out of the marriage and into a new home were both big transitions in her mid-fifties. The death of her friend put life in a new perspective.: life is short and dreams cannot be put off indefinitely.

That was in the summer of 2019 when she began to consider what she might do to live a bigger and more satisfying life. She started journaling, dreaming, considering what brought her the most happiness and how she could create a life with an income that incorporated travel, her cats, a creative outlet, and a new career.

In this episode, she recounts her mentoring session with Mary, her session with Camille Procassini (the Psychic Next Door from Episode 177), and how she then shaped all of her thoughts into a more focused vision.

You will hear how that pivot plan evolved, moved forward, and then needed to be scaled back due to the pandemic, and where she stands now.


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