E158 Next Act Give Back with Kirsten Bunch

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My guest, Kirsten Bunch, 49, began her midlife career pivot weary from nearly constant travel to far away lands. She craved the routine of “trash day is Tuesday”. She had spent her career working for international non-profit organizations creating true impact in the small villages of developing countries.

When Kirsten was home, that home was practically a foreign land. So she pivoted.

Kirsten now assists men and women looking to shift in their careers in ways that give back and change the world.

She has written Next Act Give Back, Discover your personal path to go from being charitable to being a changemaker.

The book is a nice guide to understanding the ins and outs of the changemaker’s world as well as a solid reference for anyone looking to pivot mid-career.

About Kirsten Bunch:
Kirsten Bunch, a leader in the value-based reinvention movement, is the author of the international bestselling book, Next Act, Give Back, and the creator of the popular blog, Change the World in a Hot Flash™.
Kirsten helps mid-career professionals reinvent their careers to align with how they want to show up in the world. Her clients, which range from a neuroscientist to a celebrity stylist, start new careers and businesses that are good for them and good for the world.
Kirsten spent 25 years traveling to over 50 countries for game-changing organizations like the Rainforest Alliance and VisionSpring. She helped fundraise over $20 million and designed and managed social change programs in 10 countries. During this time, many women told her that SOMEDAY they were going to give back by starting an organization or a business that did good in the world. When Kirsten sat down to design her own reinvention in 2016, she decided that it was time for women to stop saying someday and create powerful next acts TODAY.

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