E137 Navigating Change in Midlife with Rob Bialostocki

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Experience 50 Podcast Episode 137Changes in midlife? Some of us hit our 50s, look back and think, “Oh geez, I need to start doing things differently”. We actually think we are in charge. Ha!

Taking charge of our lives

Yes, we can make changes. We embark on new journeys in new directions thinking we have taken control of our lives. But a funny thing happens. Our choices create changes we never imagined and other people’s choices impact us as well. And, don’t forget the flying pots and pans coming at your head from life’s kitchen pantry of cruel humor.

Today’s guest is Rob Bialostocki, 58, from New Zealand.
Rob has been a professional speaker, coach and consultant in the corporate world since about 1997. Ten years ago life looked quite different than it does today.

In just the last six years:
He left Christianity, a belief system he’d been dedicated to for over 35 years and lost a lot of friends and familiarity in the process, separated from his wife of 29 years, lost over $100,000 from investments that went wrong, met a new partner who was almost immediately diagnosed with breast cancer, and accordingly experienced more than one man’s fair share of depression and career stress.

But, on the plus side he has also:
Found greater freedom and eventually found peace, become a doting grandad, published three books, started a podcast (which harks back to his old radio announcer days), made new friends, has gotten back on his financial feet again and is getting married to his best friend.

Curveballs, speed bumps, and brick walls

Today we’re going to be talking about how midlife’s challenges that come as a curveball that you didn’t see coming, a speedhump you need to slow down to go over, or a brick wall you have to find a way around.

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