Episode 174 The Shift with Dreama Tolle Perry

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Who is your Gatekeeper?

Dreama Tolle PerryGetting “unstuck” in midlife can seem impossible. Dreama Tolle Perry knew that owning and managing an Italian restaurant with her husband was not where she wanted to be at 50. She used to have a dream for her future, but a lack of confidence and the need to pay bills had gotten in the way. At 50, she made a shift in her thinking. She never would have guessed where it would lead her.

I’m always a sucker for a bathtub epiphany and that is exactly where Dreama was when she began to question her mindset and who it was playing Gatekeeper to her life. Who was stopping her?

Dreama describes herself as a “woman possessed” after making a shift in her thinking.

This is a woman with a lovely Kentucky accent, a big heart, and many words of wisdom from the other side of 60. Now a successful digital entrepreneur, she shares her advice on how she got “unstuck” after making the shift.

I just love a happy ending!

Postcard from Paris

Visit Dreama’s site: https://www.dreamatolleperry.com


About Dreama Tolle Perry

Dreama Tolle PerryDreama is a self-taught artist and writer who started an online art business (a little to her own surprise!) a decade ago. With a collective following of over 60,000 painters, thousands of students have taken her online courses and participate in her groups. She is the creator of 4 online courses and is working to grow and expand a community of supportive and talented artists (most of which are over the age of 50). Dreama spends most of her time dreaming up new delights for artists, snuggling with her cat Eddie and husband Ron, and nibbling on all the chocolate in France.


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