Midlife Gender Pivot

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Midlife Gender PivotA midlife gender pivot

My guest is a transsexual in her mid-50s. She is an architect and principal of her own firm with two sons from a marriage that ended in divorce during her transition.

You think YOU are going through a transition? Midlife changes come in different sizes, scopes, and packaging. Caroline Leyburn transitioned from a male body to a female body. That is a big pivot!

I interviewed Caroline in an evening Skype session that lasted well over an hour and I think it is fair to say that we could have talked for hours more. She literally embodies that spirit of a non-negotiable midlife pivot. I was enchanted by her honesty and the sense that she was victorious in her decision to pivot.

I hope that you, listener, will forgive me as Caroline did, for my many politically incorrect bumbles throughout our conversation. Even Caroline had to catch herself a few times with respect to today’s language and terminology regarding gender. She gave me a big pass several times.

Midlife Pivot Trigger

There is so much to learn from her story. Here is just one thing I picked up on that I want to reiterate: She points to the 4-day DragonCon event she attended in full drag as her trigger moment – when she knew that she must go forward and change her gender, that she would become a transexual (male to female). Here she found her tribe.

I think this is wonderful advice to all of us considering changes because:

  • We see ourselves differently when we move away from our routines and our usual family members and co-workers
  • When we can try on a new persona, away from judgment, it gives us a chance to freely experiment

Enjoy this episode, please share your comments and I hope you will find inspiration to take some risks and find your way closer to being the person you were meant to be.

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Midlife Gender Pivot

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