Conversations that matter with Susan Mazonson

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A Midlife Conversation

Midlife conversation with Susan Mazonson

Meet Susan Mazonson, my awesome friend whom I’ve never actually met in person.

As a result of her Listener Letter, I came to know this ball of energy, this spitfire intellect of midlife craziness who joins me in this episode.

We had no set topic, nothing to promote, just the sharing of a conversation about our midlife experiences, triggers to our transitions and how each of us does our best to simply put one foot in front of the other every day. I think we share the need to be heard AND the desire to give others that opportunity as well.

A midlife quest to be heard

Being heard is vitally important and particularly difficult when you may begin to feel invisible.

Susan began her quest to be heard with a Facebook Page, Midlife Cafe- Real Conversations That Matter. My first peek at her page included her doing a Facebook Live video as she walked through New York’s Central Park. She was ambling along dropping pearls of wisdom regarding midlife pivots and transition and being heard and OH MY, I fell in girl-love right then. No makeup, no hairdo, no special lights. Just raw Susan. Gutsy girl.

So, here I am, sharing her with you today. Enjoy our conversation about falling apart and putting ourselves back together.

I ask in this episode for listeners to please feel free to write to me for any reason. I love hearing your stories and getting to know you better.

I also surprised myself (!) inviting you to submit guest blog posts. What a great idea I had there while

my lips were moving. Sure, send those too and we’ll all see what happens. Just don’t try to sell or promote anything, that would be uncool for sure.

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More about Susan Mazonson

Susan is the founder of Midlife Café – Real Conversations That Matter, a platform for intergenerational discourse about topics critical to today’s volatile world.

The concept for Midlife Café was birthed from decades of Susan’s entrepreneurial consulting experience, her self-discovery and in-depth conversations with other seasoned successful women and men, and her desire to make impactful contributions.

Susan is also recognized for her work in collaborative consulting, business development, and industry transformation.   She graduated Brown University with a degree in applied mathematics and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago’s prestigious Booth School of Business.  Over a distinguished career, Susan leveraged unprecedented change in the telecom industry due to deregulation to create and grow her own companies serving burgeoning industry players, riding a twenty-five-year tidal wave of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Susan was born with a drive and independent spirit that established her sense of purpose and direction very early in her life.  As a teenager, she worked several jobs that provided her financial independence enabling her to pay the bulk of her college education including success as a Door-to-Door Fuller Brush Master Sales Distributor and a lucrative stint as an Amusement Park Barker.

Over time Susan turned her focus inward, reflecting on what had driven her decisions and approach to life and work.  She has explored emerging themes such as Feminine/Masculine Power dynamics and intergenerational collaboration.   In response to this, Susan has created a platform to have “Real Conversations That Matter” around the issues of feminine/masculine power imbalance, intergenerational collaboration, redefining mentoring, success, fulfillment, and legacy.

Susan has a number of Mastermind cohorts in progress and is the author of an upcoming book.

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