E069 Mark VanderKlipp’s Badass Midlife Pivot

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“Everyday since I left my job has been awesome. Just awesome”, says Mark Vanderklipp, 51.

He joins me on Experience 50 to discuss his midlife pivot, giving inspiration and advice to others feeling the urge to pivot in their profession or personal life.

Did he suffer a midlife crisis? Hell no! He took control of his life, kicked convention to the curb and ordered himself a big cup of joy. Mark VanderKlipp will not just land on his feet, he’s headed for big things. He’s a badass, believing down to his bones, that at midlife he can do anything he decides to do.

Mark VanderKlipp’s story of his professional pivot at midlife. Why he isn’t freaking out.

At the top of his game,  Mark resigned from his position as president of an employee-owned wayfinding design firm without knowing exactly what would follow. What he did know was that he was ready to move on.

Mark had become passionate about a new discipline and, after 24 years with the firm (13 as its President), he was ready for a new challenge. Yikes! He was drawn to the chance to combine his passion with his purpose and there was no looking back.

Would he begin a job search? Start a new business and hire employees? Go solo and consult? As Mark tells us, “Anything is possible.”

Having recently survived prostate cancer and completing a successful run in the Boston Marathon, Mark was becoming more comfortable with challenging himself in uncharted territory. He and his wife Suzanne are about to become empty nesters, and with an increased value for the quality of life and personal/professional development, the decision to take that leap of faith was easier than you might expect. Early retirement? Hardly! He is taking a leap of faith that he can do the work he loves, stay true to his passion and create a lifestyle that honors his values and love of life.

Total badass.

In this episode Mary Rogers speaks with Mark VanderKlipp on:

  • surviving cancer
  • the fear and exhilaration of taking a leap of faith
  • the first day of “non”employment
  • how to decide if self-employment/consulting is for you and involving your spouse/partner
  • the importance of building and utilizing networks
  • the adrenalin rush of change

To connect with Mark: mark@conductexperience.com twitter | linkedin | facebook


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