E208 Journaling in Midlife with Lana and JoJami

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Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, I wish I had a business partner. Getting to know my guests, Lana and JoJami, who co-host The Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless Podcast reminded me of that wishful thinking. They are having a ton of fun with each other.

Meet Lana and JoJami, my sisters in podcasting over at their podcast, Ladies Roadmap to Living Ageless Podcast. I think we’d enjoy listening to them chat about their grocery lists, but today Lana, JaJami, and I are comparing notes on our love for journaling, living intentionally, crushing roadblocks and irritants, and enjoying this particular stage of life.

They are champions of journaling and have created a journal/workbook hybrid of sorts which they sell as a means to support their podcast and to help their listeners to realize their goals. I love it! You’ll find the link below to buy a copy for yourself or to gift a friend.

The benefits their journal, of writing longhand in any journal, keeping a to-do list type of bullet journal, or your hybrid fashioned way to unload thoughts onto paper cannot be exaggerated. You’ll hear each of us share our unique ways of integrating daily writing into our lives and the benefits.

I am your devoted friend here, telling you, begging you, encouraging you to give it a try for 30 days. If you don’t love it, well, then you never have to do it again. But, I don’t think that will happen.

Links to resources in this episode:


What is a bullet journal (video)

Lana & JoJami’s Ladies Roadmap: Journal and Guide to Create a Beautiful Life ($29.95) 

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The shiny sink: I haven’t visited this website in at least 10 years, until today. The Fly Lady helps people with household chaos. She used to be just a lady with a blog. Now, she is an online e-commerce empire presented in a very homespun wrapper. Cracks me up. She even has her Shiny Sink video (over 1 million views!) featured on her very own Fly Lady TV YouTube channel: Click Here

My favorite lined notebook for freeform journaling, (Amazon affiliate link):

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