E197 “Good morning, my love” with fashion model Janis Wilkins, 64

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Rethinking Age and Beauty

How do you feel when you see yourself in the mirror?

Your face? Your hair? Your body? Do you love yourself?

If you struggle to adore your aging physical self, Janis Wilkins has an important message for you.

Meet Janis Wilkins, 64, fashion model

A native New Yorker, photographer, and designer, Janis Wilkins launched her modeling career at age 62 when she was “discovered” on the street in NYC walking home from a yoga class. A casting agent literally tapped her on the shoulder and pitched her on being featured in a national multi-media campaign for Third Love lingerie.

She’s not young. She’s not toothpick skinny. So, why Janis?

My take on Why Janis?

After spending more than a bit of time with her before, during, and after our conversation for the podcast, I have my own theory on why he tapped her shoulder. Yes, the casting agency was specifically looking for non-traditional models for their brand message. And indeed, Janis would fit that bill. There was something else though.

What you will learn about Janis in this episode, and even more so in the video of our conversation, is that Janis has a grace about her that defies perceptions of aging and beauty. She has a confidence about herself, accented with a sense of humility in being part of this beautiful life experience, so genuine that the essence of self-love emanates from her every pore.

My theory: She is… a beautiful person.

That is what I believe the casting scout saw.

Janis Wilkins Portfolio

No bullshit, no ego, no uncomfortable, “Do you like me?” look of desperation. And, absolutely no question of, “Do you think I’m pretty?”  She taped her interview with me by video with zero make-up, her white hair pulled back tight to her scalp. Shoulders back, no adornment whatsoever. One cool chick.

We kind of fell in love. I think you’ll love her too and her message on aging, beauty, and attitude.

WATCH the interview

I have shared the un-cut interview video as a public post on my Patreon page for all to see, including shots from the ThirdLove campaign, several photos from her modeling portfolio, and samples of her own work as a photographer. Watch here: patreon.com/maryrogers.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Janis and embrace her message. Then, please share this on your social media. We need to change the conversation on grey hair, wrinkles, scars, aging, and beauty!

You’ve got this!

Janis Wilkins

A fire in her Manhattan apartment had left her displaced, and she re-located downtown where she was discovered on the street and landed a featured spot in the ThirdLove Lingerie national campaign with billboards, print ads, a commercial, and subway rollout. She credits “getting discovered” to letting her grey hair grow out, thus ending her relationship with hair dye.” She lives by the motto, used in the Third Love campaign, “I live alone and am never lonely.”

She also believes that it’s never too late to start something new and hopes that’s the takeaway others will gain from her story.

You can view Janis’s photography: janiswilkins.com

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