How To Become A Consultant with Joe Sanock

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E009 How To Become A Consultant with Joe Sanock

You may feel that after your 50th birthday you have a target on your back in the office. Joe Sanock, How to Become a ConsultantYounger, less expensive, workers are becoming more attractive to employers when cost-cutting measures are the order of the day. Take control of your professional life and income, through consulting work. While some employers restrict staff from “moonlighting”, you might find that you can build a non-competing consulting job for yourself and take control of your career!

Meet Joe Sanok. A consultant-to-consultants and licensed counselor. Joe’s top consulting podcast, the “How to Become a Consultant Podcast” is a daily show where he interviews the world’s top consultants. He is the founder of and where he helps you grow a specialty, audience, and income.

He talks with Mary Rogers in this episode of The Experience 50 Podcast, encouraging the 50-plus crowd to leverage our experience at work into becoming a consultant. Joe, successfully converted his skills in running his business to teaching others within his industry how to do the same thing. He was able to quit his full-time job and now is self-employed, making more money than he ever did as an employee.

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