E185 Feral at 50 with Jennifer Sokolov, Yogi and Healer

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Feral at 50. A career or a calling?

At 49, yogi and healer Jennifer Sokolov, answers to her calling not her career. Feral, untamed by the conventions of life, she shares her story of making a living without a traditional employer. Self-awareness is her greatest gift.

I love what she wrote on her blog, “Yes, I’ve always been like this, and it’s taken me 50 years to get here.” So many of us feel the same way. She found our words.

Jenn wants to share her message of finding freedom in following her calling. Without the responsibility that comes with parenthood, she has been self-employed for over 20 years as her personal and professional journey veered away from a “real job” working within the scope of her academic degree as an editor for a publisher of theatrical plays. When her work became more desk-bound and internet-based she fled.

Where does a “feral” run?

Jenn joined a professional dance company of belly dancers, began teaching Pilates, trained to become a certified yoga instructor, and found herself, over time, working with individual clients on pain relief and wellness through movement therapies and then through her energy work.

After further study and training, Jenn now works in energy therapy as a healer. She shares with Mary that in order to be able to hold that place, space, and presence with her clients’ pain and healing, that she must be free of her own static. Her own self-awareness is critical to her ability to heal others.

Pain in Midlife from Adverse Childhood Trauma

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About Jennifer Sokolov

Jennifer SokolovJennifer lives at the intersection between the spiritual and the sensate. She is committed to helping people feel their way into healing through her preternatural sensitivity to the human body mind and spirit. Jennifer has spent much time in reverent study with the greats of movement and energy healing and has created her own method of deep listening, sensing, and shifting her client’s energetic blocks through intention, visualization, compassion, and presence.

She is an accomplished yogini and is able to translate the complexities of the spiritual realm to practical, clear and actionable practices for modern living.

Learn more: JenniferSokolov.com

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